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BeTwin 2000/XP 2.00.362

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October 19, 2008
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Windows XP, 2000

BeTwin 2000/XP Publisher's Description

BeTwin 2000/XP is the software that allows to share a PC on xp/2000

By ThinSoft about BeTwin 2000/XP

Editor: BeTwin 2000/XP is the software that allows multiple users to simultaneously and independently share a personal computer running Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional (32-bit) or Home Edition. Installation is simple. Install a second display adapter (video card) and Connect it to the second monitor. Plug in a USB mouse, USB keyboard and, optionally, USB speakers. Finally, install the BeTwin 2000/XP software.

Software Features
- Support Multiple users to surf the Internet and access emails at the same time using with unique customized desktop and network login.
- Supports displaying of information directly from DOS, Windows and Java applications of the Host PC
- Supports centralized data storage for Host PC and BeTwin station users
- Supports multiple users to share the same peripheral devices.
System Requirements :
No special requirements
What's new in BeTwin 2000/XP 2.00.362:
No changelog

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